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Connect directly to your provider and interact instantly*



Here are some features and benefits of patients using the CareSay app:

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You can start using CareSay right now for free!

Instant Feedback

You can engage with your service provider in real-time*.

Immediate Requests

Get the care you need when you need it.

Rate Your Provider

Provide an immediate rating directly to the provider.

Direct Compliments

Let your service provider know they're doing a great job.

Improve Your Care

Ask your caregiver to improve the way they are serving you.

Track Your Feedback

Track all communication conveniently within the app.

Report Service Failure

Let your concerns be heard instantly to your provider.

What can I do with this app?

CareSay connects you directly to your healthcare provider and empowers you to communicate and interact in real-time*.

Improved Healthcare

Ask your caregiver to improve the way they are serving you.

Share a Compliment

Share a compliment about a caregiver who is providing you great healthcare.

Voice Any Concerns

Submit a complaint or health concern and explain what you want to have happen.

Rate Your Caregiver

Send a detailed rating about the caregiver or organization you've experienced.

Give direct immediate feedback to your caregiver and be heard.

How it works:

Here are four easy steps to start using CareSay today.

Download Free

Download the app free from either Google Play or Apple Store.

Create an Account

Create an account quickly and gain access right away.

Provide Feedback

Share your feedback, make comments and voice concerns.

Real-time Response

Get a real-time* response from your healthcare service provider.

Are you a Healthcare Service Provider?

We encourage you to sign up today to become directly connected to your patients and their well-being.

You can track your communication with healthcare providers you encounter


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